How to link to the Online Bible at Gospel Hall dot Org

How to link to the Online Bible at Gospel Hall dot Org

GospelHall dot Org provides a free online Bible search service at You can use the Online Bible from your own web pages by linking directly to the search result pages. Once you learn how to set up these links you will be able to link Scripture references directly to matching passages and search items directly to search results.

Creating a Basic Link

An example of a basic link to the Online Bible.

<a href="" mce_href="">Read the Bible Online. Click here.</a>

Creating a link to a specific passage

An example of a link to a specific scripture.

<a href=" 1:1-5">Read Genesis 1:1-5</a>

You may substitute your own choice of scripture instead of "Genesis 1:1-5" Here are some examples

  • Single verse <a href=" 3:16 ">For God so loved the world...</a>
  • Entire chapter <a href=" 19 ">Read Luke 19 online</a>
  • Range of verses <a href=" 3:1-16 ">Conversation in John chapter 3</a>

Creating a link to a specific Bible version

A link to a specific scripture looks like this. Specify the Bible version with the parameter &ver1=

You may choose the following versions of the Bible. If you do not specify a Bible version, the default choice will be KJV.

<a href=" 1:1-5&ver1=kjv">Read Genesis 1:1-5 in the King James Version</a>

  • KJV - King James Version
  • ASV - American Standard Version
  • BBE - The Bible in Basic English
  • DBY - John Nelson Darby Translation
  • ESV - English Standard Version
  • GFR - Gospels for Readers (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John only)
  • WEB - World English Bible
  • YLT - Young's Literal Translation


Creating a link to two Bible versions

Specify the second Bible version with the parameter &ver2= Use the list of abbreviation above.

<a href=" 1:1-5&ver1=kjv&ver2=bbe">Read Genesis 1:1-5 in the King James Version and the Bible in Basic English.</a>


Create a link to a search phrase

An example search for phrase "heaven hell" in King James Version

<a href="">Search for the words "Heaven Hell" in the King James Version </a>


Commentary Explanations

An example of how to display commentary explanations of the passage.

<a href=" 1&commentary=jamison">Display Genesis chapter 1 and the Jamison Commentary</a>

You may use the following commentaries. Not all commentaries contain information for every verse, but all of the commentaries have comments for the first verse of every chapter in the New Testament.

  • commentary=jamison
  • commentary=barnes
  • commentary=darby
  • commentary=kelly
  • commentary=robertson