8 ways to make your students feel special

Make Your Students Special

Eight ways are suggested to make them really special!

1. Love Them

All the finest efforts and organization will fail in its real purpose if this is lacking! We only, who have the "love of God shed abroad in our hearts", can truly bestow God-like "love" upon others. Children often know nothing of this love in their own homes, so let us love them as God enables us. Mark 6:34; Mark 10:21.

2. Teach Them

Paul could say "I am a debtor" and he was "ready to preach the gospel." He knew His God, he knew the gospel, and he knew his great obligation. To teach them of course, you will have to maintain discipline. Children have no time or respect for those who do not demand order. On the other hand, do not see every little thing either. Give the mischievious some little thing to do, and if it is necessary, correct them privately and compellingly as this is more effective than before the class. Teach by your own example of respect and reverence for holy things. Teach by the Word, and redeem the time for God.

3. Know Them

Every effort should be made to know the children as well as possible. Take a special interest in then. Make the effort to think the way they do and understand their problems the way they see them. I Cor. 9:19-23. Very often the percentage of boys in the Sunday School is a guide as to how effective you have been.

4. Pray for Them

Don't forget this. It will give you an increased sense of compassion, and deepen your perspective, and enlarge your abilities.

5. Welcome Them

You'll have to get there early! It is especially necessary for the superintendent to be there in good time to take an interest, welcome and encourage the children.

6. Visit Them

How necessary this is! Very often the parent has been reached in this way! The teacher will learn what the child's environment is. Use every possible excuse to visit. Take them calendars and invitations, make regular calls, visit whenever they are sick or when there is a birth in the family.

7. Follow Them

Show concern when they are absent. Be kind in your approach whatever the reason for their absence may be. Emphasize your interest and remiond them of you concern for their eternal welfare. When ill, don't only send a card, send yourself, leave a little booklet and if there is opportunity, pray for them in their home. You may well be sowing a seed, that will bear fruit and eternal blessing.

8. Encourage Them

Show them how pleased you are when they do well, or bring others. Make it your object to encourage them to learn verses, progress in the knowledge of the truth, and to listen carefully. Foster their interests with friendly chats, meaningful treats, and rewards that are fitting. Plan an outing the class can look forward to. These efforts will pay off in Eternal Reward. They will not forget you or what you have taught them