Jim Sluiter - Marion, Iowa

Jim SluiterThe most important day in my life--bar none--is December 7,1959.  That was the day I was taken off the Broad road that leads to Hell and put on the Narrow way that leads to Heaven.  (Matthew 7:13-14) It happened about 8 in the evening.  The Bible teaches- and I was taught -.that I was born a sinner and needed to be saved.--(Acts 4:12). And I was taught that Jesus was the only way to heaven--(John 14:6) and he had to be my saviour. But I couldn't seem to get saved. I went to lots of gospel meetings and to Sunday School--so I knew lots in my head -but didn't have it in my heart.
 Then gospel meetings started in the Stout Gospel Hall in October of 1959--conducted by Leonard Debuhr and Eric McCullough.
  I was aware that I had a soul that would exist forever--and I didn't want to go to Hell.--so I would come to the meetings about once a week---the rest of the time I would spend at the the movie theater or at the bowling alley or at sports events at the school. I played  basketball-baseball and football in high school so loved sports. 
At the end of November an older man said he got saved--and then some of the young people I knew in Sunday School said they got saved.
  So one Friday evening I went to  the meeting with three of my friends.--one of my friends was Alvin Kyhl who I had explained the gospel to -and so he was receptive to going to the meeting.  He didn't know the gospel as well as me--but woke me up in the middle of the meeting and wanted me to listen. I went back to sleep and soon the gospel meeting was over.  We went to the bowling alley after meeting -and Darrell Brandt who was in the front seat of the car with Alvin-turned around and said that Alvin had gotten saved in the meeting--I said we should go to Cedar Falls and tell Eric McCullough about it.Alvin said that when they were reading John 3:16 he understood that God loved him and sent His Son to die for his sins. I heard someone sobbing at the end of the couch -and Darrell Brandt was upset that he wasn't saved.
  The next day was Saturday and that evening I was again in the Bowling Alley where I usually hung out.  About 7 that evening Darrell came in the bowling alley and was beaming from ear to ear--I had never seen a happier person in my life--and he told me he had gotten saved just a couple hours before reading John 3:16--that God loved him and sent His Son to die for his sins.
  I decided then that I would do whatever I could to get saved myself.  I went home that evening and got down by my bed and asked God to save me-but nothing happened. The next day I went to Sunday School and tried to get saved--and after having lunch at Darrells' house we went to Leonard Debuhrs house to see if he could help me. He read me a couple verses and nothing happened.
  The next day I read my Bible and Gospel tracts to see if they could help me--and that evening I went to Eric McCulloughs' house to talk to him.
  He finally put the Bible on my lap and had me read a verse out loud. (1 Peter 2:24)  It said that He (Jesus) bore my sins in His own body on the tree--and all of a sudden I understood that Jesus died for me--and I was saved. I was on my way to Heaven and no longer on my way to Hell. What a relief--and what joy filled my heart--I finally had the matter settled.    Jim Sluiter