Sunday School Lesson 829 The Christian's Responsibility Bought with a Price / Consecration

Lesson: 829 Lesson Name: The Christian's Responsibility
Theme: Bought with a Price / Consecration

Reading: Romans 12:1-13:7

Memroy Verse: Romans 12:2
Memory Verse Text: Be not conformed to this world.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Romans 12 starts off with an appeal to the Believer on the basis of all that God has done in the past: received grace and righteousness ch1, glory, honour and peace accredited to us ch2, righteousness through the Just One ch3, justified known through the resurrection ch 4 and many more in the intervening chapters.
Point 2: To whom do we owe our allegiance for all this work of Grace? Then show it by your realistic surrender of your life in the only reasonable way - sacrifice. Present your bodies -"living" -  on the altar. Note God is most interested in what you do with your BODIES. The whole you.
Point 3: We are clearly admonished in v 2 not to be pressed into the mold of the thinking and ways of the age in which we live. God expects that those He has redeemed will be transformed as their thinking is shaped by His Word. It is in this way, we put to the test and prove the WILL of GOD, which is complete and perfect for us.
Point 4: The rest of the chapter gives us practical direction in which to show the reality of what we have done in the earlier verses. Right estimate of self, proper appreciation of others, and a life that shows the work of Grace that was begun in us.

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