Sunday School Lesson 823 Paul Preaches to Festus and Agrippa

Lesson: 823 Lesson Name: Paul Before Festus & Agrippa
Theme: Sin's Foolishness and Carelessness / Christ Refused

Reading: Acts 25:1-27  26:1-32

Memroy Verse: Acts 26:28
Memory Verse Text: Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Festus replaces Felix. And like him is just as influenced by the World and it's pomp and position. Also, he is as unresponsive to God and God's Truth. Though the Jews could not prove anything against Paul, Festus leaves Paul bound - more concerned about the pleasure of the wicked Jews than the thoughts of God.
Point 2: When Festus suggests that Paul go back to Jerusalem, as a Roman, he appeals to Caesar's court. King Agrippa wants also to hear the story and the arrangements are made. Paul begins his defence by relating his life as a Jewish Pharisee - telling the story of his conversion and subsequent call and the message he has brought to men everywhere.
Point 3: He again plainly summing up and stating 25:22-23. Evidently the power of his message reaches Festus again - and he says that Paul must be mad. He not only reminds Festus that he not only speaks serious 'words of truth' but points to King Agrippa and reminds them all that Agrippa is well aware of the truth of these things.
Point 4: He directly puts it to the King. Believest thou? Agrippa says, With a little persuasion you would make me a Christian? Paul confirms his intent - he would like to see Agrippa not only almost but altogether as he is. Perhaps it is too intense - Agrippa feels the heat of conviction - but he walks out.

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