Sunday School Lesson 815 Paul Silas survive and Earthquake in Jail with the Philippian Jailor

Lesson: 815
Lesson Name: The Philippian Jailor got Shaken Up
Theme: Evidences of Salvation / Christ the Saviour

Reading: Acts 16:16-40

Memory Verse: Acts 16:31
Memory Verse Text: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

Printable Activity: 8 page mini story book .  Coloring booklet to tell the story of Paul and Silas in the jail in Philipi. You can also download the color version of the story book .

Paul Silas in Jail at midnight with the Philippian jailer

 Talking Points

Point 1: Lydia must've been such an encouragement to Paul and Silas but they almost immediately encounter a young woman who was possessed. A reminder of the dreadful grip of Satan. Her constant crying moved Paul to command the demon to come out of her. By the grace and power of God - there was deliverance. Now - even with such a victory - persecution arises.
Point 2: The two faithful servants are stripped and beaten - then cast into the most secure part of the prison. But at midnight - these two preachers are singing. What a testimony. God has a work to do yet and sends a most unusual earthquake. Just strong enough yet not too strong. He is still in control of all things.
Point 3: The keeper was sleeping. No one is so asleep that God cannot awaken him! God woke him up. He is about to kill himself knowing the Roman officials will hold him responsible but Paul's cry reaches himm in the darkness. Obviously enough impression had been made upon him - he cries out for salvation.
Point 4: They (both it would seem) present the same simple salvation message. In a moment, all has changed for him, and the others of his family who took in the gospel. Evidence follows of his change - and the treatment he gives these dear servants now shows the reality of his conversion.

Additional Bible Material:

Is baptism required to be saved?

 Does a person have to be told he is a sinner in order to be saved?

What is "baptism unto the remission of sins"? 

Does Mark 16:16 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation?