Sunday School Lesson 814 Apostle Paul Timothy and Lydia at Derbe

Lesson: 814 Lesson Name: Timothy & Lydia
Theme: Earnest Seeker / Opportunity: A Turning Point

Reading: Acts 16:1-15

Memory Verse: II Timothy 3:15
Memory Verse Text: Thou hast known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Paul comes to Derbe and Lystra for the second time - this time with Silas. There is evident fruit of his earlier labours. Particularly in the life of Timothy. His believing mother and grandmother had greatly influenced his life and the foundation of God's word had been effective in his salvation and his on-going testimony.
Point 2: His father was a Greek and may not have been a believer. Paul  sees the potential in this young man and takes him along with him. They impart the teaching of those in Jerusalem and strengthen the believers and with them see the work grow and increase. What a training ground for the work Timothy was later called to do as he serves the saints in Ephesus while Paul goes across the Aegaen sea to Macedonia once more perhaps on his 3rd missionary journey - see 1Timothy1:3.
Point 3: Paul is given the vision of Macedonia and as they come to Philippi - they are quickly encouraged by Lydia who seems hungry for the gospel and ready to receive it.
Point 4: Please note - it is the Lord who opened her heart. There is much talk by some today who encourage the sinner to open their heart and invite the Lord Jesus in. In this case, note it was a heart that God opened to receive His Word. There is clear evidence to follow of the work of grace in her life.


Notes: It is quite likely that Timothy has only been saved a short time when Paul takes him along. Perhaps 7 years at the maximum. Yet there was abundant evidence of God's grace in him as he was known and respected in both cities amongst the believers.

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