Sunday School Lesson 813 Apostle Paul's Troubles and Triumphs

Lesson: 813 Lesson Name: Paul's Troubles & Triumph
Theme: God's Faithfulness / Christ the Lord

Reading: Acts 9:15-16,26-29 13:5,50 14:2,19, 15:23-26, 16:22-24, 17:5,13, 21:13,27,30-32, 22:22-24,23:12-16 2Cor. 11:23-30 2Tim. 4:1-22

Memory Verse: II Timothy 4:17
Memory Verse Text: The Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known.

Attention Getter: Why bother? Paul - all that pain and trouble! Why?

Point 1: This I do for the Gospel's sake! This is why God saved me. I am to be a chosen vessel unto him.
Point 2: I count it all joy! Human accomplishments I count as offal that I might win Christ.
Point 3: That I might be as a lesser drink offering poured out upon your sacrifice.
Point 4: There is laid up for me a crown!

Notes: You will certainly not want to read all the scripture above with the class but likely with an older class you should hand out reading assignments to all and get them to bring some observations to contribute to the class and discussion.

Summary: Paul's last days were full of hope and usefulness. His was not a wasted life. What will your last days be like?

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