Sunday School Lesson 812 Apostle Paul Barnabas in Cyprus

Lesson: 812 Lesson Name: Paul & Barnabas in Cyprus & Regions Beyond
Theme: God is Holy / Sin's Deception

Reading: Acts 13:13-52 14:1-28

Memory Verse: Acts 14:15
Memory Verse Text: Ye should turn from these vanities unto the Living God.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Paul and Barnabas are sent because the Spirit of God urged the Leaders of the people of God to do so. They too were willing to be sent and preach the Word on this first Missionary journey. They see the blessing of the Lord but almost immediately meet with opposition in the form of Elymas the Sorcerer.
Point 2: Remarkable that a man close to Elymas would seek out Paul and Barnabas but Sergius Paulus desired to hear the Word of God. The Devil seeks to defend his territory through the Sorcerer. Paul faces him and pronounces a curse which having witnessed convinced S P.
Point 3: Paul rehearses God's gracious and governmental dealings to the people (Jews and Proselytes) of Antioch (in Pisidia not Syria) - preaching the wonderful word of Salvation that is sent unto them and all others that fear God. They see the Lord's hand again and persuade those who believe to follow the truth in spite of opposition.
Point 4: Moving on they preach in Iconium, Derbe and Lystra and there was a cripple. He heard Paul's preaching - was healed - stood on his feet. The heathen worshippers of that day attribute the names of mystical gods to Paul and Barnabas but they retrain the people yet later Paul is stoned. Not killed - he rises up to confirm the saints and appoint elders in the newly formed assemblies of the area.


Notes: Good idea to follow this on a map with the class. Should also take note that it is likely that the groundwork for Timothy's salvation was laid at this time. See Timothy and Lydia Lesson

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