Sunday School Lesson 808 Simon Peter Visits Cornelius

Lesson: 808
Lesson Name: Peter visits Cornelius and preaches the gospel to the gentiles. Peter sees the sheet let down from heave full of unclean animals.

Theme: God Speaks to Man / Religion's Inability

Reading: Acts 10:1-48  11:1-18

Memroy Verse: Acts 10:33
Memory Verse Text: Now are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God.


Printable Activity: 8 page mini coloring book and full-sized pictures to tell the story of Peter preaching the gospel for the first time to Gentiles - Cornelius and his family.

 Peter Preaches to Cornelius and the Gentiles


Teaching Suggestions:

Point 1: Peter has come to help the saints in Lydda but the Sea and is now staying with Simon the Tanner at Joppa. God begins a work with a Gentile who is another Jewish proselyte. At the same time God is going to do a work in His servant, Peter, who still has many Jewish thoughts. First the Lord impresses Peter through the vision to listen to God only and set aside his personal prejudice, when there is a difference.
Point 2: Peter is still in doubt when messengers arrive - but God tells him, "I have sent them!" "GO, doubting nothing." Cornellius is a man of character, a respectable man of high principle and a love for the Jews and their God.
Point 3: Cornelius' attitude is seen - in his words. He does not delay. He obeys God's word. He gathers others with the same respect to listen. He is ready to hear and obey ALL that God has spoken.
Point 4: Peter's preaching is plain, direct, and reveals a full orbed gospel - with warning of sin, presentation of the Sent One and promise of salvation and cleansing from sin. God does a work upon believing and those who trust Christ show their reality as they are baptized, then seek further teaching from the Word.

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Kewords: Simon Peter Vision sheet of unclean animals let down from heaven