Sunday School Lesson 807 Philip the Evangelist Preaches to an Ethiopian Eunuch

Lesson: 807 Lesson Name: Philip and the Ethiopian
Theme: Christ the Substitute / An Earnest Seeker

Reading: Acts 8:25-39

Memroy Verse: Acts 8:32
Memory Verse Text: He was led as a sheep to the slaughter.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Philip has been busy and greatly blessed in his preaching at Samaria. God calls him away from what seems so successful, to meet one man in the desert miles away. Notice his obedience - he went! No questions just simple obedience.
Point 2: A black man likely - of great authority and power. A man who would know wealth and it's power - yet seeking something more. He was likely a Jewish proselyte having already found his own national religion to be flawed and lacking. He is still searching. He comes to Jerusalam but it seems evident he has not found the satisfaction he craves there either.
Point 3: He buys a copy of the book of Isaiah. What led him to buy that book - which could be called the gospel book of the OT? He is already reading it when Philip arrives. Not above asking for aid, he invites Philip to help. The passage brings Christ before him, but he doesn't know about Him. Philip takes that very scripture and preaches Christ.
Point 4: In evidence of true faith - this man wants to be identifyed with Christ and obey Him in baptism. The reality of his confession is all that is required - the mode of baptism is very clear - he rejoices in the rest of his journey and likely became one who would spread the gospel to Ethiopians. Ethiopia is not mentioned in Acts 1:9-11!

Notes: Drawing attention to the fact that he was a eunuch is probably not particularly profitable. Perhaps it would be better just to call him an Ethiopian. After his salvation - Philip is found in Azotus and preaches in all the cities till he comes up the coast to Caesarea. There are 14 more mentions of Caesarea in the NT which indicates a mighty work was done there.

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