Sunday School Lesson 806 Philip Meets Simon the Sorcerer

Lesson: 806 Lesson Name: Philip meets Simon the Sorcerer
Theme: Detected / Sin Admitted, but not always saved

Reading: Acts 8:1-25

Memroy Verse: Psalm 69:5
Memory Verse Text: My sins are not hid from Thee.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Due to Philip's testimony and death and the persecution that followed, the believers are scattered but do not stop testifying Acts 8:4. Notice what they preach - the Word of Salvation. Another man is raised up, and Philip preaches in Samaria - see the direction the gospel is taking according to Acts 1:8.
Point 2: A wonderful work is done there and great joy results. Possibly some of the reason for such a great work lies with those who believed in John 4. Simon, a man with demonic links, and seeming power also joins himself with the believers professing salvation.
Point 3: He offers money for the same kind of power. Notice that this man does not have any understanding of God's ways. On the other hand, Philip shows that God knows the true condition of Simon altogether and that he needs to repent and cry out to God. Simon is bound by sin and like a bitter root produces bitter fruit (metaphor of extreme wickedness).
Point 4: His heart was not right in the sight of God. How do we stand before Him today - Luke 16:15? Simon, at least outwardly, pleads for mercy, fearing the wrath of God. Was he real? What about you today? Are you being honest with the God who knows all the truth about you?

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