Sunday School Lesson 801 Jesus Ascension into Heaven

Lesson: 801 Lesson Name: The Ascension
Theme: Christ the Lord

Reading: Acts 1:3-12  Matt. 28:16-20   Luke 24:49-53

Memroy Verse: Acts 1:11
Memory Verse Text: This same Jesus.. shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Having been erroneously taught that Christ would immediately vanquish their foes and set up His kingdom. They ask Him when they met HIM in Galilee if He would set it up now. His answer was - that it was not for them to know but that there was a work He wanted them to do for Him and He would provide all they would require in order to do it.
Point 2: He gave them further instructions and details about the witness they must maintain first in Jerusalem then all Judea then further out and onwards to the uttermost parts of the earth. (You can follow that very expansion if you read the book of Acts carefully.)
Point 3: He had spoken to them. He is now taken up from them and surrounded by a cloud of heavenly beings. With hands upraised in blessing He vanishes from their sight and as they are still gazing upwards - a message is imparted that He shall come (to the earth) to be revealed as King, in the same manner as He departed. Zech.14.4,9
Point 4: The Lord had left instructions for the Disciples to stay in Jerusalem until they received the Promised Comforter. The Indwelling Holy Spirit was the link with Power and Blessing. They needed this to carry on the commission He had given them. As instructed they returned to Jerusalem and waited 10 more days for the Day of Pentecost.

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