Sunday School Lesson 726 Barabbas is Freed

Lesson: 726 Lesson Name: The Barabbas Story
Theme: Christ the Substitute

Reading: Matthew 27:15-18,26 Mark 15:6-15, Luke 23:17-18,25, John 18:38-40

Memroy Verse: Isaiah 53:5
Memory Verse Text: The chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed.

Point 1: Pilate once again has tried to appease the people by giving up a prisoner as was his custom - Barabbas - a brazen murderer and a major troublemaker or releasing Jesus. Their voices will not be stilled and they ask that Barabbas be released.
Point 2: The world would rather have a well known sinner amongst them than the Saviour of Sinners. Barabbas (Murderer) was desired -Luke 23:25. Christ (LifeGiver) was not desired.
Point 3: So the one who was obviously guilty and deserving was let go. The One who was obviously innocent and undeserving was made to die the death that Barabbas was worthy of.
Point 4: This was a CHOICE they would regret forever, but Barabbas would benefit from. We do not know, but surely as the story was unfolded to this released convict, he would make his way to the cross - and there behold the Man who died in his place. What response would there be? Surely even this reprobate could see the value of His death on his behalf.

See also: Christ's call to repent.

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