Sunday School Lesson 723 The Comfortor Holy Spirit is Promised

Lesson: 723 Lesson Name: The COMFORTER Promised
Theme: God's Promise - He Keeps It

Reading: John 14:16-26, 16:7-15

Memroy Verse: John 16:8
Memory Verse Text: He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.

Point 1: The Holy Spirit is called The Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, & the Holy Ghost (though Holy Spirit is a better rendering).
Point 2: His work is defined. To encourage and comfort and impart truth to those who are true believers. To Reprove the World of sin - the sin of unbelief John 16:9 - and righteousness - because God has brought about justification and Christ lives to prove it's value - judgment - not judgment to come but the fact that this world is already under judgment and reserved unto fire. Worldlings make their nest in a world that has been judged already.
Point 3: He will guide into all truth. He will glorify the Lord Jesus. Beware of any (Charismatics who make more of the Spirit and gifts than they do of the Lord Jesus.)
Point 4: He was to come after Christ departed. He was to be with the believers constantly. See the lesson called Peter and Pentecost for reference and the initial fulfillment.

See also: The Personality and Diety of the Holy Spirit.

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