Sunday School Lesson 717 Mary Anoints Jesus

Lesson: 717 Lesson Name: Mary Anoints Him
Theme: Christ the Lord / Evidences of Salvation

Reading: John 12:1-11, Mark 14;3-9, Matthew 26:6-16

Memroy Verse: Psalm 116:12
Memory Verse Text: What shall I render unto the LORD for all His benefits toward me?

Attention Getter: Many others had come to Him to have their needs met - but Mary came to give Him His due - the worship of a grateful heart.

Point 1: After the Resurrection of Lazarus, Martha serves, Lazarus communes and Mary worships. There was no command for Mary to do what she did but her sacrifice pleased Him. What could we bring - what could we give to cause Him pleasure?
Point 2: It was very costly - and was prized because the odour would fill the house and linger for days on both the Lord and also her long hair. The value set on it by Judas could not possibly compare to the value of it in the eyes of the Lord.
Point 3: The Lord notes that it is in anticipation of His burying. How did she know? What did those who heard it think this meant? She definitely knew something. Those who spend time at His feet will always know things that others cannot fathom.
Point 4: Many who were there came to see the man risen from the dead. Such was the attention he was getting, that the Rulers were consulting to even put Lazarus to death. How could they ever justify such a thing? But there were others who witnessing the reality of Lazarus resurrection, were impacted by the fact that the Christ had come and they believed on Him!

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