Sunday School Lesson 716 The Judgement

Lesson: 716 Lesson Name: The Living People's Judgment
Theme: Christ the Judge / Future Events

Reading: Matthew 25:31-46

Memroy Verse: Matthew 25:46
Memory Verse Text: These shall go away in everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Point 1: This is not a parable - this is a revelation. Note it is His Coming in Glory. Not his return to the air but to the earth at least 7 years later.
Point 2: All those living at that time of the nations shall be brought before Him. During the 7 year tribulation which precedes this - all men will reveal their state by their treatment of the Jews who will be fiercely persecuted by the Beast.
Point 3: Those gentiles who are saved will protect those that that are precious to the Lord. By this evidence of salvation will all men be divided. Some to inherit the kingdom with Israel and some to everlasting fire.
Point 4: What the sheep do, the Lord says they have done it to Him. The contrasting destinies are clearly seen in v46.

Notes: You will likely be wise to use a good chart of Future Events when you deal with this subject in order to clearly differentiate between events.

See also: Free Printable Charts - Two Roads, Future Events.

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