Sunday School Lesson 714 The Widow who gave a mite

Lesson: 714 Lesson Name: The Widow's Mite
Theme: Religion's Inability / Detected

Reading: Mark 12:38-44    Luke 21:1-4

Memroy Verse: Romans 3:20
Memory Verse Text: By the deeds of the law, there shall no flesh be justified in His sight.

Point 1: Religious men of the day loved to make an outward show. Compared themselves and measured one to another. Yet would devour a widows household if they could for financial gain rather than recognize the interest and care God has encouraged towards those who are in need.
Point 2: Here we are shown that He not only observes all we do, but also knows the reasons for what we do. And not only so, but He alone can rightly value what a person may do.
Point 3: Others drop in of their abundance - the widow only two mites - next to nothing. Yet He says that she put in more! And in fact, when the whole picture is revealed, she put in all that she had to live on!
Point 4: When a believer does something for the Lord however small, let us remember it is not up to us to value what it means. But He will and does value every mite.

See also: The Lord's Teaching about Money.

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