Sunday School Lesson 711 Jesus Enters Jerusalem on a Colt

Lesson: 711 Lesson Name: He Enters Jerusalem
Theme: Christ Revealed / Christ the Lord

Reading: Mark 11:1-11  Matt. 21:1-11, 15-17

Memroy Verse: Psalm 145:3
Memory Verse Text: Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

Point 1: His foreknowledge - He knew the Scriptures that must be fulfilled Mt.11:4. He knew what they would find Mt. 11:2. He knew what would follow Mt. 11:3.
Point 2: There was no higher claim than His: The Lord hath need of him. Have we felt His claims upon us?
Point 3: The multitudes cry out His praises. The whole city is moved but some are moved with greater indignation than ever v15.
Point 4: Choices are made on their part. But notice the choice on HIS PART - He left them v17. We need to be careful about the choice we make - he may take us at our word.

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