Sunday School Lesson 709 Zacchaeus in a Tree

Lesson: 709
Lesson Name: Zacchaeus
Theme: Earnest Seeker, but Hindered

Reading: Luke 19:1-10

Memory Verse: Luke 19:10
Memory Verse Text: The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.
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Printable Activities:

1) A two page worksheet  with puzzles for young and older children alike (and answers ) to reinforce the Bible story of Zacchaeus.

2) Printable activity for a Sunday school class.  Use this spreadsheet template to calculate the great debt that Zacchaeus promised to repay after the day he was saved at the foot of a Sycamore tree. 

Zacchaeus pays his debts

Suggestions for Lesson Content

Point 1: A man - others might only see a no-good cheating sinful tax gatherer, but the Lord saw a man with all his need and potential. The man was rich but unsatisfied. He was clever but not too smart for his own good. He was seeking the Saviour. How wise.
Point 2: He is earnest - repeatedly he was hindered from seeing him so made it his business to get into the tree where no one could hinder him. The Saviour was earnest too. He made it His business to come to where Zacchaeus was.
Point 3: Zacchaeus heard the Saviour's voice that day. He even called him by name. He was obedient. He was ready to be saved. He was made to rejoice. What other accomplishment in life could compare with this. He had received HIM.
Point 4: He was real - does not just call Him LORD but acts in keeping with that truth. Returned with interest the embezzlement of the past (which shows that he knew the OT Law and had acted all these years with a bad conscience) - and he also shows great compassion toward the poor.

Notes: You may need to differentiate between what it means to call Him Saviour and LORD. Could have the class participate in this discovery.

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