Sunday School Lesson 708 Blind Bartimaeus the Beggar

Lesson: 708 Lesson Name: Blind Bartimaeus the Beggar
Theme: Sin's Blindness

Reading: Mark 10:46-52   Matt. 20:29-34 Luke 18:35-43

Memroy Verse: Mark 10:52
Memory Verse Text: He received his sight and followed Jesus.

Attention Getter: One day the SUN stood still. (add a detail or two about that old testament scene.) But there came a greater day than that. The SON stood waiting for a blind beggar to come to Him.

Point 1: Jericho - the city that was cursed. Yet the Lord came there. Blind and Begging - a very real picture of the sinner.
Point 2: Heard the crowd - Curios - no doubt! Heard it was Jesus. He must've known something. Perhaps he had gathered up many fragments of information from others to make him certain of who Jesus really was v47. Had he heard the prophecy that when Christ came He would heal their diseases?
Point 3: Cries out. What a blessing when a sinner gets stirred enough to cry out. Others tried to silence him - they did not care. The Lord stood still. Thank God - He had time for the cry of a beggar! The blind man throws away any hindrance and comes. His life is about to change forever!
Point 4: Saviour could have gone directly to him right at the first, but waited for the man to feel His need and cry out. Saviour knew what Bart wanted but wanted him to tell it. A WORD from Him was all it took and the only suitable response, for the man whose eyes were opened, was to follow Him.

Notes: Blind people oftentimes speak of a more acute sense of hearing. Hearing is involved several times in this passage. 1. The things he had heard of HIM before this day. 2. The crowd passing by. 3. Homing in on the Voice of the Saviour as He comes to Him.

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