Sunday School Lesson 707 The Lord of the Harvest and His Laborers

Lesson: 707 Lesson Name: The Lord and the Laborers
Theme: Christ the Lord / God's Wonderful Ways

Reading: Matt. 20:1-16

Memroy Verse: Acts 10:36
Memory Verse Text: He is Lord of all.

Point 1: Lord wanted someone to work for Him in His vineyard. Makes a bargain with them for the going rate. A penny was the amount an average man would earn daily.
Point 2: Later in the day the Lord seeks others to work for Him too. His only promise is that they will receive what is right! He always does what is right. We can count on that. They were happy enough to join the others without getting a specific rate. His work was enough.
Point 3: The problem came when it was time to recompense what was done for Him. They "supposed" - we can count on His Word but not our suppositions! Their thoughts led them to murmur against Him. O the importance of recognizing that we have such a propensity for evil thoughts and actions.
Point 4: They had measured themselves against the others v12. They accused Him of favouritism. How important for us to remember that He is sovereign - He can and will do what is right and what He wills.

Notes: Kingdom of Heaven parable - check out for yourself the significance of that and the Lord may give you fresh ideas for input in this lesson.

See also: Important Distinctions - the Church and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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