Sunday School Lesson 706 The Rich Young Ruler

Lesson: 706 Lesson Name: Rich Young Ruler
Theme: Choices / Sin's Attractiveness

Reading: Mark 10:17-31   Matt. 19:16-20  Luke 18:18-30

Memroy Verse: Luke 18:22
Memory Verse Text: Yet lackest thou one thing!

Point 1: Young Teacher seems so earnest - he runs to Jesus. Looks as though he can't wait. Kneels - looks as though he really knows who the Saviour is. Shows apparent respect. Seems a lovely young man! Asks an excellent question.
Point 2: The Lord Jesus reminds him of the commandments which were given to awaken man to his need and sin Rom 3:19-20. He claims to have kept them and quotes some but not all - significant? Doesn't quote " Thou shalt not covet!" In the heart of the best of us lurks a nature that is clever at hiding sin.
Point 3: Jesus beholding him. He could see what no one else could see. He knew there was enough in his sinful nature to reject the Saviour. LOVED HIM - in spite of all.
Point 4: Puts the test before him that will reveal all that is hidden behind the respectable outward appearance. Touches on what is dearest to this young man. Focusses on what he holds dearer than eternal things.

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