Sunday School Lesson 705 Jesus and the Children

Lesson: 705 Lesson Name: Jesus & the Children
Theme: Christ the Saviour / Faith

Reading: Mark 10:13-16    Matt. 19:13-15  Luke 18:15-17

Memroy Verse: Mark 10:14
Memory Verse Text: Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not.

Attention Getter: Why did Jesus want the little children to "suffer"?

Point 1: Someone brought the children to Him. What a wise idea. Here was one who could bless them not only physically but also spiritually and eternally.
Point 2: His disciples somehow thought He didn't want to be bothered. Perhaps from the example of other religious folks around. Note carefully. HE is not like anyone else! He is our Creator and God the Son.
Point 3: He uses the children as an example for all. That if they are to come to Him they need to come with the trust and acceptance of a very little child. Use examples to show how trusting young children can be.
Point 4: He had time for them v16. He had a place close to His heart for them and He was very willing to bless them. Think of what He could do and can do for you! Perhaps having the children suggest those things would be good as long as you can keep them on track.

Notes: Important to make sure the class understands this old fashioned word. Perhaps you should read the text in several other versions for yourself before attempting to make it clear.

See also: As this little child.

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