Sunday School Lesson 704 The Pharisee and Publican

Lesson: 704 Lesson Name: The Pharisee & Publican
Theme: Way Seems Right / Religion's Inability

Reading: Luke 18:9-14

Memroy Verse: Proverbs14:12
Memory Verse Text: There is a way that seemeth right unto a man.

Point 1: Note the purpose of the story v9. Trusting in themselves and their efforts. Claiming their own righteousness. Comparing themselves with others.
Point 2: Both men felt their need of God. IN truth - all men need God and should be concerned about their relationship and standing with Him. Both men prayed to the same God but their approach to Him was different.
Point 3: One claimed his own merit and righteousness. He never realized how holy God was and how he was a sinner by birth. Even pride is sin and God hates it "a proud look"Pr. 6:17. The other could not claim any righteousness in himself and smites upon his chest, bows his head and cries for "Mercy".
Point 4: THE OUTCOME IS IMPORTANT. One man did not get anything. The other got more than he asked for "justified" (to be cleared from every charge of sin that could ever be brought up against him" because his only claim was the sacrifice that was right then being consumed upon the altar.

Notes: Make sure you have an adequate idea of what Mercy is. Don't confuse Bible terms when you are speaking to them. Also - remember that the more simple an explanation and example are - they are more likely to be understood and remembered.

See also: Matthew the Publican and How Repentence is Manifested.