Sunday School Lesson 703 Ten Lepers are Healed by Christ

Lesson: 703
Lesson Name: Ten Lepers

Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / Christ the Saviour

Reading: Luke 17:11-19

Memroy Verse: Psalm 145:8
Memory Verse Text: The Lord is gracious and full of compassion.

Printable Activity: Mini story book for the story of the miracle of Jesus healing 10 leperous men. One who turned back to give thanks was commended by Christ. The mini story book contains several version - complete pictures and words and others with speech bubbles where the students can fill in the story. Also includes full-page pictures for the teacher to tell the story and put on the wall.

10 lepers cleanesed one turned back

Talking Points

  • Point 1: The Lord Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem and is passing through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. Ten Lepers meet him - but stand afar off. What a pitiful picture of the sinner. At such a distance from God and ruined by the loathsome disease of sin.
  • Point 2: They plead both His Saving Name (Jesus) and also for mercy. HE saw them as no one else ever had. HE speaks to them as no one else ever could. "Go show yourselves to the priests"
  • Point 3: They simply obey and as they go - they are cleansed as He had said. One of them turns back - falls on his face - with thanksgiving. A Samaritan - stranger to the covenants of Israel.
  • Point 4: The Saviour noticed - there had been so little glory attributed to God even in all His works (though none had ever brought more glory to Him). The response of mankind so poor and pitiful compared to the abundant blessing imparted! He still takes pleasure in the praises of His people

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