Sunday School Lesson 623 The Broad Road and Narrow Way

Lesson: 623 Lesson Name: Two Ways
Theme: Two Ways

Reading: Luke 13:22-33 Matthew 7:13-14

Memory Verse: Matthew 7:14
Memory Verse Text: Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.

Attention Getter: It is too easy to go to hell ! But no one ever goes there without having the opportunity to go to heaven! Some say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Do you intend to be in Heaven? Need to do something about it.

Point 1: It is the Lord who tells us of the two ways.So we can trust Him. He would not tell us that if it were not true. IF THEN it is true - we should pay very close attention to WHY he is telling us.
Point 2: Notice where the Lord is going v22 and v35. He knows what will take place. At Jerusalem is the answer to our need. What is the answer? There is no other way than for Him to die in order to provide that Way to heaven. Herod - the Fox - a reference to his cunning - but no instrument of cunning or man's wisdom could ever be successful against the One who knew all things. They could not tell Him anything He did not already know.
Point 3: Someone is going to close the DOOR! And likely soon. Which side are you on? Do you want to be on that side forever? This door will never open again.
Point 4: A tremendous difference is pointed out between IN Luke 13:24(2x),28,29 Matthew 7:13,14 and OUT Luke 13:24,25,27,28 & Matthew 7:13,14. Note there are people from all over the world who will be in v29! But will you be OUT?

Notes: This is perhaps a good time to use a class size copy of the Two Roads Chart. Handy to have this visual expression of the Lord's words.

See also: Two Roads and Prophecy Charts.

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