Sunday School Lesson 622 Jesus Straightens a Crippled Woman

Lesson: 622 Lesson Name: Jesus Straightens a Woman
Theme: God's Promise - He Keeps It

Reading: Luke 13:10-27

Memory Verse: Psalm 33:9
Memory Verse Text: He spake and it was done.

Point 1: Sabbath Day Object Lesson: Still hadn't learned the lesson he had taught them so clearly in Matthew 12:11 - Woman reduced to utter uselessness. Helpless in her awful state. What a picture of the sinner only the sinner doesn't seem to realize how desperately sin has affected him.
Point 2: He saw her. What a word that is! But then to read, He called her! What a moment when the Creator takes notice of the lost and undone. Called her to Him - He calls still to many today. She obeyed.
Point 3: He speaks a word - like at the beginning of the Creation. 'He spake and it was done.' How we need to wonder at His words and learn to give them total respect. He can do all He says He can.
Point 4: Interesting to see the response of puny men who quote the Lord's own Words to Him from the law. Thank God - at his response - they at least were put to shame!

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