Sunday School Lesson 613 The Light of the World

Lesson: 613 Lesson Name: The Light of the World
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / Christ Revealed

Reading: John 8:12-25, 1:1-9,3:19-21, 2Corinthians 4:3-6

Memory Verse: John 12:46
Memory Verse Text: I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

Attention Getter: Use a flashlight or a lighthouse to catch attention or prompt a story to get started with

Point 1: THE LIGHT is a title of the Lord Jesus and what a remarkable title it is! Sometime we talk of people who light up a room with their smile or personality. He "Lights" a LIFE forever.
Point 2: In John 1, the WORD is the LIGHT - which explains how the Light dawns in the lives of Sinners. We know that the Lord is the "Logos" and words give understanding. He literally sheds light on every man 1:9. In John 1 light and life are brought together and just as light is necessary in the natural world for life - so He is necessary if a sinner is ever to have spiritual life.
Point 3: John 3 tells us that men love darkness rather than light and it tells us why, their deeds are in fellowship with the Prince of Darkness. A person who does the truth, is not afraid of Light because truth is in fellowship with the LIGHTGIVER.
Point 4: The Devil is opposed to The True Light ever reaching those he has duped. He knows what will happen. Use the example of Acts 9:3-5 Saul. The Light that shone spoke, Saul called the One who spoke, Lord.

See also: The Lord from Heaven, Evidence from the fourth gospel.

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