Sunday School Lesson 612 Jesus Casts out a Demon

Lesson: 612 Lesson Name: Bring the Lunatic to Jesus
Theme: Christ the Saviour

Reading: Mark 9:14-29, Matthew 17:14-2, Luke 9:37-42

Memory Verse: I John 4:10
Memory Verse Text: He loved us and sent His Son.

Point 1: The cause of THIS Lunacy is from the World of Evil Spirits. This lad, was an only child: he had also had this problem for some time. The father, sorely grieved as only a loving father could be, comes kneeling and calling for mercy. The spirit assumes control and tears him from time to time, foaming and gnashing teeth and the father has watched his son thrown into the fire and water - out of control and hopeless. He seems to be slowing dying.
Point 2: The disciples were helpless and could do nothing. BRING HIM TO ME. The evil spirit, when brought near, tears him again - observe that the spirit purposes to destroy him.
Point 3: In Matthew and Luke - the Lord rebukes the demon but Mark gives us a little more insight, as to the Lord's purpose in delivering this lad. He speaks to the father - if you can believe - then - makes a grand statement - all things are possible. His distress is evident but he acknowledges he believes but confesses the need of help with his doubt.
Point 4: The Word the Lord speaks is a commanding word that brings results - and the deaf and dumb spirit is never allowed to return. His work and results endure.

See also: Divine attributes of Jesus.

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