Sunday School Lesson 610 Jesus' Transfiguration in the Mount

Lesson: 610 Lesson Name: The Transfiguration
Theme: Christ the Son / Christ the Lord

Reading: Mark 9:2-8     Luke 9:28-36  Matt. 17:1-8

Memory Verse: Matthew 17:5
Memory Verse Text: This is My beloved Son.

Point 1: As man He prayed. As the Son He communed with His Father. Note the pleasure He found (and frequency if suitable and you have time). A good study for young Christians. Perhaps we could ask - have we ever known what it is to be altered by our communion with the Father? Good check-up for teacher and young believers alike.
Point 2: Elijah - great(est?) prophet. Moses great Leader. Both talking with Him. Though great - the greatest of all was the One who condescended to talk with them. No doubt the 3 disciples were amazed. They highly esteemed these two - perhaps - even more highly than the One who was with them. Need to take care that we always give HIM the Highest Honour. Too easy to become familiar with these things.
Point 3: Peter has an idea - it seemed good to him. Likely to the others too. Our thoughts are not God's thoughts.
Point 4: God clearly declares both His pleasure and the wonder of His relationship with this glorious One who was visiting amongst the sons of Men. Left alone with Him. Did they finally realize the Wonder of the Person who was with them - who has no equal and to whom none can compare!

Notes: Peter later tells of the event with wonder. 2 Peter 1:16-18. Make sure YOU read it and let the wonder of it fill your soul, even if you never refer to it as you teach.

See also: The Transfiguration.

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