Sunday School Lesson 607 Peter's Confession of Christ, the Son of the Living God

Lesson: 607
Lesson Name: Peter's Confession
Theme: Christ the Lord

Reading: Mark 8:27-30  Matt. 16:13-20 Luke 9:18-21

Memory Verse: Matthew 16:16
Memory Verse Text: Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Printable Activity: Mini story book about Peter and his encounters with Jesus Christ.

Mini Bible Story Book

Talking Points

Point 1: It is in gentile territory - not Jerusalem where the incident occurs. It is the Lord who presents the subject matter. Who do men say I am. There was obvious confusion. Not because the Lord had not clearly revealed Himself, but because men seem to listen to their peers and trust their own wicked hearts.
Point 2: If time and interest allow - it might be valuable with older ones to show who He was compared with and what the reasons might be.
Point 3: It really comes down to the individual's confession. Notice Peter's own confession Mt 16:16 The original text indicates that he said it with EMPHASIS "THOU"! The repetition of the definite article also shows EMPHASIS on Christ being the only One. Each of us are called upon to own up to what Christ means to us. What about you?
Point 4: NOTE the BLESSING of the Lord on Peter Mt 16:17 on the basis of his confession. This can be emphasized to the class. No one is truly blessed unless he is blessed of Christ. Peter's name was changed at this time. Our identity ought to know a difference depending on what He means to us as individuals.

Notes: Could be profitable with older ones (particularly if saved but important to all) to show them the purpose of the Lord Jesus to have a gathering (Church) together of those who own His Name and Claims and nothing will prevail against His purposes.

See also: The Person of Christ.