Sunday school Lesson 606 Jesus Walks on Water

Lesson: 606
Lesson Name: Jesus Walking on the Water
Theme: Christ the Saviour

Reading: Mark 6:47:52   Matthew 14:24-33John 6:16-21

Memory Verse: Mark 6:50
Memory Verse Text: Be of good cheer: it is I.

Printable Activity:

Jesus Walks on the Water

Talking Points:

  • Point 1: After the feeding of the 5000. It is time to leave but Jesus remains to pray on the mountain as the disciples cross the lake. A fierce storm arises. Perhaps the Devil is out to destroy those that the Lord is going to send forth into the world to do his work. Perhaps the storm is allowed of the Lord alone so the disciples will see how He can meet their need.
  • Point 2: Praying on the mountain. An illustration of intersession for His own tossed on the sea of difficulties. Notice they were greatly troubled but He didn't wait till the ship went down before He came to meet their need. They cry out in fear. He speaks a word of cheer. How glad they would be to hear that familiar voice!
  • Point 3: Peter's action on the sea were of his own volition. Sometimes we too put ourselves in situations where we have to prove Him. The Lord gives him encouragement and direction. COME. But he takes a look around. What a lesson that should be. We are so prone to look on circumstances and others around.
  • Point 4: Peter "begins" - it wouldn't take but a moment. Likely not a swimmer, at least He knows who to cry out to. And in a split second - the Lord has rescued him. Another great sign of His ability is seen when He enters the ship. The storm is banished at His presence.

Summary: The Lord Jesus is the only ONE who can make the awful storm of judgement cease. If we have Him in our lives, the storm is a thing of the past and peace is ours instead.

Further Reading:

See also: The Storm.

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