Sunday School Lesson 605 Jesus's Feeding of 5000 with two fish and five loaves

Lesson: 605
Lesson Name: Feeding of 5000
Theme: Christ's Power

Reading: Mark 6:30-44 Mt. 14:13-21 Lu. 9:10-17 Jn 6:1-14

Memory Verse: John 6:51
Memory Verse Text: I am the living bread which came down from heaven.

Printable Activity8 Page mini book and full-page pictures of the story of Jesus' miracle of feeing 5,000 men with just 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.

Feeding 5000 with two fish and five loaves of bread

Talking Points:

  • Point 1: Lord Jesus desires to take His busy disciples aside to rest. But such was the miraculous power of His works that the throngs followed Him even there. There was little rest for Him while here. What an indicator of His great love for us and His devotion to the heart and will of His Father.
  • Point 2: Spoke to them and healed. His desire to reveal the Word Lu 9:11 preceeded the authentication by the miracles. O the tremendous importance of what He has to say and reveal.
  • Point 3: Darkness was nearing. Hunger and need were apparent to Him. He cares Mark 6:34! He tests His disciples. How often they failed to understand Him or His purposes. There is but little available for Him to use Lu9:13. Yet it was freely surrendered into His hands John 6:9. He prays. A dependent man*.
  • Point 4: The result is that they are ALL FILLED. No lack with Him! He had enough power to bless them all. What a remarkable lesson that they should have been able to apply to their spiritual need. There were leftovers. Abundant yet fresh and good as at the first. Wonder who took them away with them.

Notes: * Good lesson for us who are dependent on God as we break the bread to the young. Also a good time to remind the children that it is God we owe thanks to for everything including the food we eat.

Summary: The power to meet their need was all in HIM. That boy's lunch would not have even begun to meet the need without HIM. He is still the One we need.

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