Sunday School Lesson 602 A Bleeding Woman Touches the Hem of Jesus' Garment

Lesson: 602 Lesson Name: Woman who Touched the Hem of His Garment
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / Real Opportunity /Forgiveness

Reading: Mark 5: 21-34

Memory Verse: Mark 2:10
Memory Verse Text: The Son of Man hath power to forgive sins.

Point 1: This story follows Matt 9:1-8 The Paralytic so she had likely heard the news. She may also have been aware that when the Messiah came, "He would heal their diseases" Exactly why she came - we may not know - but the Lord said she acted in faith v34.
Point 2: She'd spent all she had - O the bleakness of her situation. But at least - when she had an opportunity she was aware of, she decided not to let it (Him) get away from her! He knew all about her struggle. He knew what was in her heart.
Point 3: Perhaps thought that the  problem that had plagued her for 12 years was too small to trouble Him with since He was on His way to heal Jairus daughter. Just a touch but what a difference. Immediately cured. Note - he asks "Who touched my clothes?" He knew exactly what she had touched. She came and told Him al the truth. How easy to tell Him all about it now.
Point 4: He could have let her go without this conversation but He wanted to speak to her. He had something to say - something more to impart. He assures her that the plague will never trouble her again. He gives her peace and let her know that He recognized the simplest faith!

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