Sunday School Lesson 530 Jesus Calms the Waves of the Storm

Lesson: 530
Lesson Name: Jesus Calms the Storm
Theme: Christ the Lord / Christ the Saviour / Eternal Security

Reading: Mark 4:35-41  Matt. 8:18, 23-27  Luke 8:22-25

Memory Verse: Romans 8:1
Memory Verse Text: There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.

Printable Project:

3D printable paper boat  with Jesus and the disciples in the storm

sunday school activity Jesus Calms the Waves of the storm 

Lesson Talking Points:

Point 1: It was the Lord who suggested that they cross the Sea. He falls asleep - He truly was a man and grew weary from all His constant labour.
Point 2: A great storm arose. Galilee is known for these sudden storms, but one would wonder if this were not an attempt by the Devil. This was a real storm. They were in jeopardy.
Point 3: They came to HIM. A move in the right direction! Their cry is a little different in each account and allows us to understand in a fuller way all that was involved.
Point 4: He told the storm to Hush as one would a little child. He is absolute Master of wind and wave and storm and the elements. Is He my Master? Have I heard Him? Do I obey His voice?

Notes: He will never lead us where He cannot sustain us.

Ideas for Teaching the Memory Verse

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Story Illustration Idea

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Further Reading 

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