Sunday School Lesson 529 The Parable of the Treasure and the Pearl in the Kingdom of Heaven

Lesson: 529 Lesson Name: The Treasure & The Pearl
Theme: Price Paid / Bought with a Price / Redemption

Reading: Matt. 13:44-46

Memory Verse: Matthew 13:46
Memory Verse Text: When He had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that He had, and bought it.

Point 1: The point of these stories is not the same but there are similarities!  God's earthly people (Israel) are the Treasure so entwined in the world of men. Israel has lost the Peculiar Character God wanted them to bear. The Bride of Christ is the Pearl of Great Price in the great marketplace. That which is bought is meant to be His alone and forever.
Point 2: God still looks forward to the day when He shall have joy in Israel. Christ sees the tremendous value of that one pearl.
Point 3: One thing remains exactly the same. He had to see all that he had in order to buy. One aspect of the purchase points to it's overall character - He bought what is representative of the whole world to obtain the treasure. In the case of the pearl - it was specially the object of His delight.
Point 4: Lesson from a Pearl - 1. Round - a symbol of completeness or perfection. 2. Formed - it is not manufactured or shaped. Comes about due to the pain of a Living Thing. 3.Glory- one of the reasons for having a Pearl of this sort is being able to display it to others.

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