Sunday School Lesson 524 Jesus Heals a Centurion's Servant

Lesson: 524 Lesson Name: The Centurion's Servant
Theme: God's Promise - He Keeps It / God's Power & Greatness

Reading: Matt. 8:5-13   Luke 7:1-10

Memory Verse: Hebrews 4:12
Memory Verse Text: The Word of God is quick (living) and powerful.

Point 1: A Centurion (Gentile) Army Leader of a hundred men comes to Jesus. As a Gentile he has no claim on the Lord. He realizes this and requests through the mediacy of the Jews that the Lord do this. However the Jews come and tell the Lord that he is worthy (not what the centurion thought or asked them to do) for he loveth their nation and has built a synagogue. This seems to be evidence that the centurion was a Jewish proselyte therefore, in spite of it's weakness, he has shown faith in the only God Given religion!
Point 2: The Lord goes with them but the centurion sends other messengers who report that he does not even now see himself as worthy that the Lord would come under his roof. Just SPEAK THE WORD ONLY - the Lord marvels that this kind of faith has not been seen at all in Israel yet this stranger gives Him the respect of believing that He can heal with a Word.
Point 3: Go thy way - and it was done in that moment. The servant was whole. No evidence at all remained of the grievous life threatening sickness.
Point 4: What a lesson for us this is! The Lord's Word is not unlike the Word of a Centurion giving orders to his men. It will be done. There is no question. The only difference I can see is that HIS WORD HAS THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY and HE HAS NEVER KNOWN FAILURE!

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