Sunday School Lesson 517 Jesus Heals a Paralytic Man and Forgives His Sins

Lesson: 517
Lesson Name: The Paralytic is  Healed
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / Pardon and Forgiveness

Reading: Mark 2:1-12 Matt. 9:1-8 Luke 5:17-26

Memory Verse: Mark 2:5
Memory Verse Text: Thy sins be forgiven thee.

Interactive Activity: The Story Stick - A simple tool to make a Bible story come to life, even if your students have heard it before.

The Story Stick

Printable Acitivy: A mini story book for the story of the Paralyzed man who was carried by four friends to Jesus where they let him down through the roof. This booklet can be folded by the students and taken home. Larger full-page pictures are suitable for the teacher to tell the story and later hang on the wall.

 Crippled Man born by four friends to Jesus


Talking Points:


Point 1: Another miracle in Capernaum where He had cast out the unclean spirit. Someone let the people know that He was back again. The crowds came - filling the house to beyond the doors. He preaches the Word.
Point 2: A man in need is brought along. His friends are so anxious to see him cured that they break up the roof and let him down so that he can get to Him who has the power to deliver. The man before Him has NO power, but the One to whom they brought him had ALL power.
Point 3: The Lord speaks words to forgive. What an indication this is to show that He was concerned with the real problem that plagued the people. His ability to pronounce His forgiveness was not hindered by the presence of the Scribes and Pharisees who were quick to criticize.
Point 4: He then shows that His words to forgive are just as effective as His words to heal. He demonstrates His ability to heal and the man who was powerless receives power and rises up before the critics - causing the people to be filled with amazement and to glorify God.

Notes: Palsy in this passage refers to him being a paralytic.

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