Sunday School Lesson 513 Jesus Rebukes a Fever and Heals a Girl

Lesson: 513 Lesson Name: When He Rebuked the Fever
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / Christ the Saviour

Reading: Luke 4:38-44 Matt. 8:14-17 Mark 1:29-38

Memory Verse: Luke 4:40
Memory Verse Text: He laid His hands on every one of them, and healed them.

Point 1: It was a great fever. Fever had several grades even in those days. This was most severe - a galloping fever that caused the body to work as hard as it could to bring the temperature down but at the same time continued to escalate the problem because of the effort.
Point 2: He stood over her. He who knew the need had come near. He spoke and it was done. Demons or disease are no match for Him.
Point 3: No recovery time. It was virtually impossible for someone who was afflicted like this to have risen and served but such is His power that even the faint are able to soar like the eagle! Word seemed to get around and there were others in great need and just as hopeless apart from Him.
Point 4: His compassion reached to "every one of them" and His power availed to meet every kind of need even demonic. They would have kept Him there but there were others who needed to hear it all as well.

Summary: He too has come near to us. But He may not linger long if you delay. There are others upon His heart as well who will embrace Him.

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