Sunday School Lesson 512 Christ Visits the Synagogue in Nazareth

Lesson: 512 Lesson Name: Nazareth & Capernaum Have a Visitor
Theme: Sin's Blindness / Christ Refused

Reading: Luke 4:16-37 Mark 1:23-26

Memory Verse: John 1:11
Memory Verse Text: He came unto His own and His own received HIM not.

Point 1: The Lord Himself who has given the Word now reads it and expounds it in the synagogue at Nazareth. They wonder at the spirit of His Words but refuse the message and the One who brings it.
Point 2: He teaches two lessons from the outcasts of the OT. V 25 a widow - that was sustained by God when all Israel were suffering for lack of bread because of their sin and waywardness. V 27 a leper - Naaman - cured of his leprosy when there were many others in Israel who never knew his joy of deliverance. When they heard his news - why wasn't there a line up at the door of the Prophet that the same blessing might be theirs? Unbelief and Pride.
Point 3: In their wrath, they seek His death - but He passes through them and they dare not touch Him. Left them (what a tragedy!) and came to Capernaum and taught them - astonished!
Point 4: Satanic activity was manifest in those days after the preceding 400 years when God had ceased speaking to a disobedient people. The unclean spirit knew HIM. Of course! Others saw a demonstration of His mighty invincible power v36.

Notes: There's a principle here for the messenger of the Lord in v16 to speak it first where they grew up. The response may be as here - refusal or as in other places - a humble obedience and true repentance.

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