Sunday School Lesson 511 Satan Tempts Jesus during 40 Days in the Wilderness

Lesson: 511 Lesson Name: Temptation in the Wilderness
Theme: Christ the Sinless / Christ the Substitute

Reading: Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:11-12, Luke 4:1-15

Memory Verse: Luke 4:4
Memory Verse Text: Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word of God.

Attention Getter: ONE PERSON did not sin. He could NOT sin! Who was it?

Point 1: The Lord Jesus was God - He was perfect. He was also man - and He was just as perfect but here we see just how perfect He was as He is allowed to be tested by the Evil One - a master at that trade.
Point 2: The Lord was hungry and the Evil One is quick to test Him on that - the Lord shows that the Word of God has far more effect upon Him than appetite. He quotes each of these verses from Deuteronomy and shows how real the Word of God was to Him.
Point 3: His next appeal is the Kingdoms of the World that he claims are His to give. The Lord doesn't even respond to that appeal but shows how as man, God was always highest in His affection.
Point 4: The Devil seems to try and make Him show His power and be recognized now without going to the Cross - even quoting the Word of God - the Lord's attitude shows He is content with His Father's Will and Time.

Notes: The THEME of the Substitute is brought in here because it shows His qualification not because this lesson teaches substitution.

Summary: If the Devil had the nerve to do all of this with the Sinless Spotless Son of God, just think of how his tempations could affect us. How do we respond when he comes near?

See also: The Holiness of Christ.

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