Sunday School Lesson 507 Jesus Turns Water to Wine at the Wedding in Cana

Lesson: 507
Lesson Name: The Wedding in Cana
Theme: God's Provision - Its Fullness

Reading: John 2:1-12

Memory Verse: John 16:20
Memory Verse Text: Your sorrow shall be turned into joy.

Point 1: Marriage - the Lord Himself came. Honouring marriage by His very Presence. In the midst of what should have been a joyous occasion there was a need - something missing. How true even in life. What we thought should have brought us joy is oftimes a disappointment.
Point 2: Mary - who had pondered so much for so long in her heart, knew what to do. She told the Lord Jesus. She knew what to tell others too v5. Perhaps by experiences in her own life and home. Note - there is no mention of Joseph who may have pre-deceased.
Point 3: He said "Fill" - and they did. "Pour out" and they did. What and how it all happened they didn't know. But they knew who made the difference!
Point 4: This wine was pronounced not good but best. What He gives is far better! He'll do better for you than this world can do!

Notes: Don't forget to use this opportunity to enhance the true meaning and purpose of Marriage. Children often only have the distorted views of parents and the world for an example.

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