Sunday School Lesson 430 Nehemiah Builds the Walls of Jerusalem

Lesson: 430 Lesson Name: Nehemiah Builds the   Walls
Theme: It's Important Who You Listen To / Restoration

Reading: Nehemiah 1-6

Memory Verse: Romans 8:31
Memory Verse Text: If God be for us, who can be against us?

Point 1: The work of rebuilding had stalled. There was much reproach. Nehemiah is moved to tears and mourning and earnest prayer. He acknowledges again his sin and the peoples and their unworthiness. But he remembers that God promised restoration Neh1:8-11
Point 2: Nehemiah, the king's cupbearer, is given the king's attention and speaks of why he is sad. He makes what might seem an impossible request and a more unexpected answer that he may go to build the city of Jerusalem. Even more is granted - ie the supplies to do it - because "the hand of God" was upon him 2:8
Point 3: God put this work in his heart. And a few good men joined with him. He encourages others by telling them of the good hand of God upon him. Opposition follows ch 4, and prayer is the natural response of Nehemiah and they continued to build the wall 4:6. More outward opposition still and discouragement falls on some of the builders. Problems arise from within as well - Selfishness slows the work ch5. Sanballat and Tobiah and others try to harm the leader by distracting him 6:1-2 but Nehemiah is aware of the great work he is doing and will not yield. Even the threat of a murderous plot does not cause him to be discouraged for God was with him in the work.
Point 4: The wall was finished after 52 strenuous days. Their heathen enemies were cast down because they "perceived that this work was wrought of our God!"

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