Sunday School Lesson 418 Jeremiah in the Dungeon

Lesson: 418 Lesson Name: Jeremiah in the Dungeon
Theme: Sin's blindness

Reading: Jeremiah 37:11 - 38:28

Memory Verse: Jeremiah 38:20
Memory Verse Text: Obey, I beseech thee, the voice of the Lord.

Point 1: Jeremiah is falsely accused. He was put into prison. They were trying to keep him quiet and not alarm the people or their own consciences. The king must have had some serious thoughts as he has him brought out of the prison and he questions him. What a question! "Is there any Word from the Lord?" What an answer! "There is!" And the message from the Lord is the self same one that Jeremiah has been bringing to the people for years!
Point 2: Others were stirred up about Jeremiah's earlier message and the princes demand that Jeremiah be put in a prison. Zedekiah listens to men rather than God or conscience and allows the princes to put Jeremiah in the dungeon.
Point 3: Ebed-melech - an Ethiopian - hears and in spite of the fact he is only a slave and could easily be put to death for his bravery, he goes to the king and says that the princes have done the wrong thing for he will die down there and where would the people be then without one to bring them a Word from the Lord.
Point 4: A rescue is effected. Old rotten rags and thirty men are needed to get him out. It may not have been the method of choice but no doubt to Jeremiah, it was a welcome relief. Saved from above.

Notes: The dungeon was really a cistern - mud floors - no rest - no food.

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