Sunday School Lesson 417 King Jehoiakim burns the Word of God

Lesson: 417 Lesson Name: King that Burnt the Word of God
Theme: It's Important Who You Listen To

Reading: Jeremiah 36:1-32

Memory Verse: Isaiah 40:8
Memory Verse Text: The Word of our God shall stand forever.

Point 1: Jeremiah is given a Word from God to be hand delivered to King Jehoiakim. God wanted the people to hear His warning and then turn from their sin - and he would forgive them. Baruch the Scribe writes the words and goes in to read the Word to the king and all the people in the whole land.
Point 2: God was looking for a response to His entreaties, but His anger was kindled and there was a fury to be visited upon them if they did not repent. The Word was read, it's message was grasped for Michaiah was able to declare it's contents 36:13.
Point 3: They inquired and were told the source of the message and it was read again in the king's hearing. They were not afraid. What awful foolishness. God looks for those who will tremble at His Word (see Isa 66.2). They burned it. Wise men spoke against it, but the king's heart was fully set in him to do this evil. They would have destroyed the messengers too but the Lord hid them.
Point 4: God gives the same Words  with the same warnings and promises of certain judgment for those who had rejected his word.

See also: Old Testament History - Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah 

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