Sunday School Lesson 414 Isaiah sees of vision of Jehovah in the temple

Lesson: 414 Lesson Name: Vision of Isaiah
Theme: God's Power and Greatness

Reading: Isaiah 6:1-13

Memory Verse: Isaiah 6:3
Memory Verse Text: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts.

Point 1: Before a man can do anything for God he needs to know the One he is serving.  He needs to have dealings with His God.
Point 2: King Uzziah died. God sets up kings and takes them away. He is the Lord of Lords. He is the King Eternal. Perhaps Isaiah was greatly troubled as he thought of the vacancy on the throne.  He learned that there was a higher and greater throne occupied by ONE who is above all.
Point 3: He saw the Seraphim.  No doubt, we would be amazed to have a vision of these mighty beings. Far better to see the One that they were in awe of.  Note first of all - the emphasis on the fact of God's great HOLINESS.
Point 4: He sensed his sin when He saw his God. Note that he confessed his own defilement first, then his people's. There was a provision. It was on the altar - and it was enough to cleanse him.  After cleansing - it was the Lord Himself who sent him.

Notes: It should be clearly noted that we need to know Him as Saviour first of all. The teacher should carefully study this passage and allow themselves to be searched out relative to Isaiah's experience, and their own work with the young.

See also: Jesus is Jehovah of the Old Testament.

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