Sunday School Lesson 412 The Rebellion of King Uzziah

Lesson: 412 Lesson Name: Rebellion of King Uzziah
Theme: Sin's Foolishness and Carelessness

Reading: II Chron. 26:1-23

Memory Verse: Luke 18:14
Memory Verse Text: Everyone that exalteth himself shall be abased.

Point 1: Here another young king iwas put upon the throne.  He reigned for a long time- 52 years. He did what was right in that he sought the Lord and he prospered. He warred and was successful because God helped him (v7).  He built machines of war for defense.
Point 2: His name was spread abroad in fame. VERY IMPORTANT POINT - (v15)  "FOR he was marvellously helped."  It was God who was the secret of the man's strength and abilities.
Point 3: When we are blessed it is a real danger as well. We are very vulnerable to disaster if we think it was because of something special in us. Note these disastrous words in v.16.  "His heart was lifted up to his destruction."
Point 4: He transgressed.  We must never forget that God hates sin wherever he finds it.  He took upon himself a privilege that was not given him and he became a leper. The Lord had smitten him.

See also: Old Testament History - Uzziah, Jotham, Ahas, Zachariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah, Pekah  

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