Sunday School Lesson 411 Joash the young king

Lesson: 411
Lesson Name: Joash the Young King
Theme: Christ the LORD

Reading: II Kings 11:1-21

Memory Verse: Acts 2:36
Memory Verse Text: God hath made that same Jesus, both Lord and Christ.

Attention Getter: "If you were president at your age...?"

Hands On Activity

Printable worksheet featuring Joash's family tree.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 411 Joash the young king 

Lesson Content Suggestions

Point 1: Royal children were destroyed by Athaliah (the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel).  The Devil was behind this move to destroy the royal line and in reality, the lineage through which the Lord would eventually come.  Joash was "stolen away" and hidden.
Point 2: God saw to it that he was taken care of and sheltered for six years in spite of the evil attempt.
Point 3: The young King Joash (7 years)that they had tried to destroy was crowned (v12).  Not only that - but he was given the testimony - that is, the charge of the Lord for the kings of his people.  His great enemy - Athaliah - was destroyed.
Point 4: There was great rejoicing and great peace when the rightful king reigned and the enemy was slain.

Notes: There are pictures here of a coming day when the Lord Jesus (that men sought to destroy all through His life) will reign unhindered and the Old Enemy will be confined to the Lake of Fire.

Additional Bible Background Information

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