Sunday School Lesson 315 Ruth is Redeemed

Lesson: 315
Lesson Name: Ruth is Redeemed
Theme: Redemption: Its Purchase and Purpose

Reading: Ruth 2, 3, 4; 1 Peter 1:18,19

Memory Verse: Eph 1:7
Memory Verse Text: We have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins

Lesson Content Suggestions

Point 1: It was of great importance that Naomi had Boaz as a kinsman (Ruth 2:1).  Ruth noticed the need for food and went to look for something good to meet that need; God led her to the field of Boaz.  Application: It is amazing that God watched over us and led us long before we were ever truly His.
Point 2: Boaz noticed Ruth and made sure that she was taken care of in a special way.  Not only did he protect her and see to it that she was blessed above many, but he also told her come to him in order to find all her needs met in him.  Application: Thank God that the Lord of Glory ever noticed us!
Point 3: Boaz spoke to Ruth in grace and Naomi noticed his attitude towards her.  As a result, she worked to bring Ruth into the fullness of Boaz's blessing.  Ruth was willing to obey Naomi, so one night, she laid down at Boaz's feet; there she asked him to graciously accept her as his kinsman.
Point 4: Boaz knew Ruth's circumstances as well as what had to be done to complete his responsibilities towards her.  Therefore, he did not rest until he had finished what was necessary, even though it was at his own cost.  Ruth was so blessed: By the grace of God, she, who was a stranger, was brought into the royal line of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Ruth owed everything to Boaz, the mighty man of wealth.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 315 Puzzle for RuthSunday School Lesson Activity 315 Puzzle for Ruth

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12 piece puzzle to review the life of Ruth.  Each puzzle piece contains one or more hints written on each side.  Students need to arrange the pieces to complete a rectangle 4 x 3.  Great way to review the romantic story of Ruth.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth is RedeemedSunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth is Redeemed

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Printable worksheet with a table comparing God's provisions to Ruth and what she had before. 

Sunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth Marries Boaz Mini BookSunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth Marries Boaz Mini Book

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Eight page mini book to tell the story of Ruth and her marriage to Boaz.  The small booklet is one sheet of paper that folds into 8 sides.  This file includes full-sized pictures to tell the story of Ruth to the class and put on the bulletin board.